Hardware Plant Burned in Raleigh

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

Hardware Plant Burned in Raleigh A fire which gave the Raleigh, N. C., fire department under Chief H. H. Horton a hard four-hours fight occurred on November 29 in the Dillon Supply Company building in the southwest portion of the city. The alarm came in from a box and Chief Horton reports that conditions were very bad when the department, consisting of twenty-six men arrived. Four steamers were in service pumping from four hydrants with pressure of forty-seven pounds at the hydrant. One hydrant and five engine streams were thrown, with nozzles of one inch, the water mains being six inches. The department laid 4,000 feet of hose, three lengths bursting during the fire. The fire, which originated in the basement of the building from unknown cause, was confined to the building of origin, the chief making special efforts to protect the surrounding structures, in which he was successful. He…

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