Lessons of the Gas Explosion

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

Lessons of the Gas Explosion While the actual fire resulting from the explosion of accumulated gas in the purifying house of the Springfield, Mass., Gas Light Company announced, as it happened, to very little and the immense damage to surrounding property was actually caused by the blast itself, yet matters might have been very different and under certain conditions a terrible conflagration might easily have followed. In the first place, the Springfield fire department did some very prompt and efficient work in confining the blaze to the building involved. Again, given more inflammable surroundings, such as a number of frame dwellings, with lighted stoves and broken gas fixtures to ignite the debris, an uncontrollable disaster would have been probable. Mr. Wedger’s report on page 295, seems to leave little doubt but that the explosion of the leaking gas was the result of human carelessness or indifference. If the filter box…

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