The Springfield Gas Explosion—How It Was Caused

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

The Springfield Gas Explosion—How It Was Caused , Explosives and Inflammables, Massachusetts Department of Public Safety Disaster Result of Leaking Purifying Box and Slow Action of Central Valve, Causing Accumulation of Gas—Great Damage to Property AN explosion occurred in the gas purifying plant of the Springfield, Mass., Gas Light Company, of Elm, Water and Howard Street, at 1 :10 P. M., February 1. The explosion, the cause of which is very graphically described in the accompanying report by Mr. Wedger, resulted in the death of three men and the injuring of over a half a hundred persons. The injured were struck down over a wide area, in the city hall, the court house, office and bank buildings and residences. Within a radius of two miles persons were hurt, those in the near vicinity of the explosion by wreckage and those further away by broken glass, fallen ceilings or objects dislodged…

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