Small Fire Loss in Indianapolis

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

Small Fire Loss in Indianapolis The 1922 official report of the fire losses for the city of Indianapolis, Ind., show a much larger number of alarms and a lower loss figure. The total loss on buildings was $419,980 and on contents $458,235. The number of alarms for the year were 4,042. Fires in dwellings were 2,570 with a loss of $278,160. There were 1,581 fires in dwellings caused by sparks falling on wooden shingle roofs. Fifteen second alarm and three third alarms were answered by the department for the year, 275 false alarms being received. The largest fire of the year was that of the Pearson Piano Company, on the night of April 23. This loss was $100,556. Although the number of alarms reached a much greater number in a total compared with other years, Chief John J. O’Brien and other city officials point with pride to the low total…

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