Issue 10 and Volume 73.

CONVENTION DATES MARCH 13—NEW ENGLAND WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. March meeting. Boston City Club. Somerset Street and Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass Secretary, Frank J. Gifford, Tremont Temple, Boston. MARCH 15—FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA. Annual Convention Veteran Firemen’s Home, East Princess Street, York, Pa. Secretary, J. L. Redman, Shamrock Fire Company, Harrisburg, Pa. April 2-7—AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, WATER, SEWAGE AND SANITATION DIVISION. Spring meeting, Now Haven, Conn. Chairman division, W. W. Skinner. Bureau of Chemistry, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Advertising department, B. H. Killeffer, 19 East 2th Street, New York City. April 10—MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION, YONKERS FIRE DEPARTMENT. Fourth annual entertainment and Reception, New Armory, North Broadway. Corresponding secretary. John J. Downey, fire department. Yonkers, N. Y. April 17-20—TRI-STATE WATER AND LIGHT ASSOCIATION OF CAROLINAS AND GEORGIA. Thirteenth annual convention. Birmingham, Ala. Secretary-Treasurer, W. F. Stleglltz, Columbia, S. C. May-July—SOUTH CAROLINA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual convention Orangeburg, S. C.,…

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