To Make Gas Companies Instal Cut-Offs

Issue 10 and Volume 73.

To Make Gas Companies Instal Cut-Offs A bill introduced in the New York State Assembly by J. N. Jesse, of New York City, is intended to amend the Transportation Corporations Law, by requiring gas companies in cities of the first and second class, at their own expense, to install and maintain at the curib a manual gate valve cut-off attached to every main running into all buildings of two stories or over now or hereafter erected; also that in all buildings now or hereafter erected, irrespective of the number of stories, to which gas is supplied, there shall be installed and maintained an individual automatic cut-off on the intake gas pipe of every meter, excepting such meters as shall be of fire proof construction, and which automatic cut-off will completely stop the flow of gas from said gas intake pipe, under 130 degrees of heat and over. Existing ordinances requiring…

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