Fire, Once Out, Rekindles and Destroys Department Store

Issue 14 and Volume 73.

Fire, Once Out, Rekindles and Destroys Department Store Providence Has One of Its Worst Fires Under Severe Cold Weather Conditions—Aerial Ladder Broken by Ice—Fires of the Week A FIRE in the Shepard department store at Providence, R. J., on the night of March 8, which apparently had been extinguished, flared up again while the sprinkler heads were being replaced, and before the water could be turned on again and the fire department get back at work, it had assumed great proportions, and gutted the two upper floors of the building, causing a loss estimated at $1,500,000. Almost the entire top floor and roof of the big six-story brick building were burned away and the structure deluged with water which ruined goods on all the lower floors, filled the cellar 8 feet deep, and formed huge icicles and a complete sheathing of ice on the outside of the store, as shown…

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