Spark from Flying Stone Ignites Oil Well

Issue 15 and Volume 73.

Spark from Flying Stone Ignites Oil Well A spark from a stone thrown up into a derrick surmounting one of the oil wells of the Illinois-Alberta Oils, Ltd., about thirty miles from Calgary, Alta., Can., at 10:05 A. M. on March 4, caused a threatening fire which might have had very serious results to the oil field. The well in which the accident occurred throws out gasoline with a three million foot daily gas flow under a pressure of 400 pounds to the inch. At the time the fire occurred about 1,000 gallons of gasoline had been thrown up into the derrick when a stone or pebble came up with the gas with terrific force and hit a bolt or some part of the iron in the derrick and created a spark which ignited the gas, and a heavy explosion followed. The oil field occupies two acres of ground and…

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