All Aboard for the American Water Works Convention

Issue 15 and Volume 73.

All Aboard for the American Water Works Convention Two Circulars Giving Full Details as to Transportation and Hotel Rates to Annual Convention of the A. W. W. A. at Detroit, Mich. PREPARATIONS are rapidly going forward looking toward making the forty-third annual convention of the American “Water Works Association, which takes place at the Statler Hotel, Detroit, Mich., on May 21 to 25, the best the association has ever held. Two circulars just issued give particulars as to transportation, hotels, etc. The first issued from the offices of the association at 153 West 71st Street, New York City, gives the following information as to hotel rates, etc. Forty-Third Annual Convention in Detroit, headquarters at Statler Hotel, May 21-25th. Make vour plans and reservations early. Hotel rates and reservations card enclosed. Arrangements at other hotels will be announced soon. Railroads have granted special rate of a fare and a half on…

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