Practically Speaking, What Is Fire?

Issue 16 and Volume 73.

Practically Speaking, What Is Fire? Question Answered Interestingly and Several Instructive Hints Given as to Its Relation to Extinguishment of Fire—Danger of Water Gas “It will be seen that all fire extinguishing agents act on the principle of depriving the fire of air or oxygen.” THE ART of writing interestingly on a dry technichal subject is one that is possessed by few. An article dealing with chemistry is apt to be heavy reading for the average layman, but Mr. Wedger possesses the rare quality of treating the subject that he discusses in such a way that the reader’s interest is retained throughout. His article on “Fire,” which follows, will be found to be no exception to this rule: What is fire? We are interested in it. Those who are engaged directly or otherwise in the business of extinguishing it, obtain their livelihood from the fact of its existence, but have…

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