How to Stop the Contractor from Wasting Water

Issue 16 and Volume 73.

How to Stop the Contractor from Wasting Water Waste Exceeds All Legitimate Uses—Method of Enforcing Care by Contractors’ Men—Shut Off Water or Temporarily Meter Supply “In his endeavors to stop leaks, and improve plant efficiency, he is made acquainted with the ‘flat rate water waster’ and his methods.” “The percentage of water sold contractors by our company during the building season months, if figured at our regular meter rates, ranges from 3 per cent, to 8 per cent, of the total. In the great majority of cases we furnish them water on a flat rate basis, and during the warmer months when construction work is carried on in a general way throughout the city, the water wasted by them is relatively large, and by investigation, we believe the waste sometimes exceeds all legitimate uses many times.” ONE OF THE vexing problems that water works superintendents, both of privately owned and…

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