Legitimate Use of Water and Meterage

Issue 21 and Volume 73.

Legitimate Use of Water and Meterage Does the meterage system restrict the legitimate use of water? Does it have a tendency to cause public carelessness in matters of health and hygiene? Opponents of the system have freely charged that such is the case. Of course, the basis for such a charge would be that meters render the use of water so expensive that, in order to economize, the consumers would cease to use it in matters of cleanliness and health. Water works figures of cities which are entirely metered have proved any such idea as absolutely false. In the first place, the measurement of water by meter has, in practically every instance, proved more economical to the users than the flat rate system of charges. It, of course, has stopped unnecessary waste, but waste, whether through carelessness in the use of water, through neglect of leaking plumbing or any other…

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