Praise for Bridgeport Firemen

Issue 23 and Volume 73.

Praise for Bridgeport Firemen Five members of the Bridgeport, Conn., fire department, celebrated 20 years of service on May 20. The Bridgeport Telegram paid the following tribute to the men in its issue of May 25: ‘“The firemen who celebrated recently the anniversaries of their appointments to the local department have many reasons for feeling of satisfaction and content. Those who have been in the city’s employ for a long term of years have seen the development of fire-fighting methods from the days of the old horse-drawn vehicles with their fires under the engine boilers to the super-efficient machines of today which have surprising concentrated energy available at a moment’s notice. Working in the service of the city, these men have seen the old give way to the new, and with each change they have likewise seen their own opportunities for service increased. Modern equipment, directed by modern points of…

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