Theory Versus Practice in Fire Fighting

Issue 23 and Volume 73.

Theory Versus Practice in Fire Fighting The Fire Fighter as a Scientific Student—The Use of Water as a Weapon Against Fire—Its Actual and Theoretical Effect THE following article has been written by Mr. Wedger with a view to making more clear certain points brought out in his article on “Practically Speaking, What Is Fire?” appearing in the issue of April 18: It is a well-known fact that fire-fighting in large cities has become a scientific art, due largely to the excellent courses of instruction taught at our fire colleges, and to the intense interest manifested by the members of fire department attending, in their endeavor to perfect themselves for advancement in their profession. In no calling in life is the person in charge required to exercise quicker judgment of conditions, or where an error is more liable to be costly to life and property. Mistakes cannot be removed by an…

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