Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Quickly Detected

Issue 23 and Volume 73.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Quickly Detected Through investigations conducted by Government technologists’ method of detecting carbon monoxide, most insidious and deadly of poisonous gases, have been greatly simplified. Secretary of the Interior Work made a public announcement to this effect today and through a letter informed 700 industrial physicians and surgeons throughout the country of this new discovery. For some time, the Bureau of Mines of the Interior Department has been conducting research work with the result that means have been found by which it is possible to discover within three minutes the extent that a person has been affected by carbon monoxide gas through the extent of poison saturation in the blood. Formerly it took approximately from 24 to 48 hours before diagnosis could be made of such cases either in hospitals or well-equipped laboratories with the services of a skilled organic chemist. The test is effected through a simple…

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