Catching the Firebug Red-handed

Issue 26 and Volume 73.

Catching the Firebug Red-handed How the Fresno Fire Department Trapped a Gang of Incendiaries, and Methods That Criminals Pursued to Insure Success of Their Work OF the many difficulties which surround the fire chief perhaps one of the biggest and certainly one of hardest to combat is the matter of incendiarism. The insidious work of the firebug is often done under cover and is so skillfully disguised that it is next to impossible to secure evidence sufficient for a conviction. The following article with the interesting illustrations which accompany it was prepared by Chief Baird for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and describes a most flagrant case of incendiarism and some very clever detective work on the part of the fire marshal of the city. The fire prevention bureau of Fresno has been particularly active, according to Chief Baird, in the arson investigations and has been successful in obtaining some twelve…

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