Lumber Yards Figure in Two Threatening Fires

Issue 26 and Volume 73.

Lumber Yards Figure in Two Threatening Fires Brooklyn Borough, New York. Has One in Its Williamsburg Section Ridgefield, N. J., Fire Necessitated Outside Help—Week’s Burnings A LUMBER yard fire which necessitated a borough call and was one of the most threatening fires that the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn Borough, New York City, has had to combat in some time, took place on June 11 in Seigel Street, Bushwick Avenue and White Street and destroyed, besides the lumber yard, a six-story factory building. For a time it was feared that the fire would sweep the whole of the Williamsburg section but the small army of men and apparatus summoned by Chief Kenlon, who arrived on the fourth alarm and who at once sent in the borough call, confined the flames to the lumber yard and the building. A police sergeant, who first saw a lumber pile ablaze near the main gateway…

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