Water Works Weather Bureau

Issue 26 and Volume 73.

Water Works Weather Bureau It is a novel experiment which the Clarksburg, W. Va., water board has tried, as described in this week’s issue on page 1265 by Scotland G. Highland, manager of the board, whether other superintendents find it practicable or not. This consists of a weather bureau conducted by the water department. The method of keeping close watch on weather conditions, on stream flow and other important matters connected with rainfall and run-off, and on frost penetration should be a valuable adjunct to any water works department. The exact knowledge of frost penetration alone should make this bureau of enough value to warrant its existence and the expense attached to its up-keep, which is small. The opinions of other water works men on this subject would be interesting. Have you, Mr. Superintendent, made any experiments of this nature and, if so, what have been the results? If not,…

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