Falling Off in May’s Fire Losses

Issue 26 and Volume 73.

Falling Off in May’s Fire Losses The losses by fire in the month of May, according to figures on file in the offices of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, indicate a considerable falling off, as compared with the previous months, with the exception of January. The total losses for last month were $29,953,800, as against $37,954,157 for April, $33,593,909 for March, $38,855,650 for February and $26,593,909 for January. The fire losses for May, 1922. were $29,933,950. There was also a lessening in the number of fires of $10,000 and over loss, the number for May being less than any month so far this year, namely, 421. The fires in April numbered 497. in March 456, in February 474, and in January 439. making a total so far this year of 2,287. The fires occurring in April with losses which equalled or exceeded $10,000 are as follows: $200,000 and over, 21; $100,000…

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