Let the Citizens Know What the Water Works Really Does

Issue 1 and Volume 74.

Let the Citizens Know What the Water Works Really Does Charleston Superintendent Argues That This Is Wisest Policy—Also That Quarterly Collections Are the Best and Most Practical Method COMPARISONS are always interesting and particularly so when applied to the subject of the expense of water supply as compared with the other necessaries of life. The following paper, written in Mr. Gibson’s usually thorough manner in arguing primarily for the adoption of quarterly collections as compared with monthly is full of valuable and interesting information on the subject of water rates, collections, finances, etc. The public is, generally speaking, fair in its judgments, particularly when a case is properly presented to it. In making these observations, I hope to present the water department side so that the public may have a perfect and thorough understanding of our position. There is no branch of municipal service that receives greater condemnation in cases…

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