Million Dollar Ship Fire in New York

Issue 1 and Volume 74.

Million Dollar Ship Fire in New York Many members of the New York fire department had narrow escapes from death on May 13 in fighting a fire which started in the forward hold of the steamship “Santa Marta,” which was undergoing conversion from a coal to an oil burner by the Robins Dry-Dock & Repair Company in the Erie Basin, Brooklyn Borough. Three alarms were sent out for the fire and this brought about 200 firemen and practically all of the apparatus of the Red Hook section of the city, both shore and fireboats. When the firemen cut through the steel plates on the port side to make an opening through which to fight the fire, the “Santa Marta” listed heavily to starboard and at the same moment a series of explosions blew off most of the hatches which had been battened down before the fire started. Flames leaping through…

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