New Jersey Volunteer Companies Organize

Issue 1 and Volume 74.

New Jersey Volunteer Companies Organize The volunteer fire companies of Gloucester County, N. J., since the formation of the Gloucester County Firemen’s Association have nearly all been equipped with either a pumper or chemical car. There are thirty-six such companies in the county, and these can be assembled at a given point within twenty minutes, as was recently shown at a large fire in Mantua, N. J., where companies from several towns assisted and made a quick assembly. The companies that have enrolled members of advanced years, many of whom were beyond active work, have placed these men on the honor list, although they possess all the rights of other members, but are not required to attend the “60 per cent, of fires” to be eligible for the benefits of the State Exempt Firemen’s Association. These retired men have all seen active service, but now, of course, are not able…

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