Kansas City Water Works Contract Awarded

Issue 1 and Volume 74.

Kansas City Water Works Contract Awarded The fire and water board of Kansas City, Mo., have awarded to George W. Fuller and Alexander Maitland, Jr., well-known consulting engineers, the contract for the extensive improvements which are to be made in the water works system of that city. Following the award a statement was prepared by the engineers and approved by the fire and water board. It will be noted that a rather unique arrangement as to the fees of the engineers has been made, namely, two per cent, for directing the construction of the work, which, while paralleling what is often done with privately owned projects, is rather unusual in municipal work of this nature. The statement is in part as follows: The 1920 investigations of the Kansas City water supply situation, showing the urgency of prompt action, was concurred in hv a citizen’s committee of twenty-five that verified the…

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