Topics Assigned for Fire Chiefs’ Convention

Issue 2 and Volume 74.

Topics Assigned for Fire Chiefs’ Convention List of Convention Committees Appointed by President, and Regulations for Transportation to and from Convention—New Members PLANS are going forward smoothly and satisfactorily for the arrangements for the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers which takes place at Richmond, Va., October 23 to 26, according to advices received from the secretary of the association, Chief James J. Mulcahey, of the Yonkers, N. Y., fire department. Chief Mulcahey has heard from Chief H. E. Nissen, chairman of the committee of exhibits that all exhibit spaces, except ten of the smaller ones, have been taken. Topics Assigned By the President The topics to be treated at the convention, which have been accepted and assigned by President Charles W. Ringer, of the association, are as follows: “Garages with Sleeping Quarters Overhead” to Sherwood Brockwell, State Fire Marshal’s Department, Raleigh, N. C. and to Chief John…

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