The Fire Hazards of Popular Radio

Issue 2 and Volume 74.

The Fire Hazards of Popular Radio How Best to Avoid Them—Various Dangers Described and Methods of Rendering Installations Safe Pointed Out—Advances Predicted THE modern and progressive fire chief must reckon with the wireless both as a hazard and as an assistance to his fire department work. The following paper treats of the radio from the standpoint of its fire hazards: Widespread application of radio in the entertainment, educational and publicity fields, with its general establishment throughout the country of radiophone broadcasting stations, furnishing daily popular programs, and coupled therewith, a renewed and increasing interest in amateur radio, has multiplied materially the mere number of potential fire hazards in our residential districts. It is not the present purpose to proclaim that thus a very serious and material hazard has been added to our already sufficiently numerous evils; but rather to attempt to set forth wherein the hazard lies, and to show…

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