New York Has Largest Eligible Fire List

Issue 2 and Volume 74.

New York Has Largest Eligible Fire List The New York municipal civil service commission sent to Fire Commissioner Drennan on July 6 the largest list of men eligible for appointment as firemen ever promulgated by the commission, numbering 2,222. The highest rating on the list was 96.70. The examination was held in April, 1921. As the maximum age was 35 and the minimum 21 when this examination was held, some of the men to be appointed may now be 37 years of age. According to Commissioner Drennan, it may be that some of these men at the end of the list would be 40 or 41 years old before they can be appointed and would probably have difficulty in passing the physical examination. When a man reaches the age of 40. according to Commissioner Drennan, he is, as a rule, hardly suitable to commence the life of a fireman.

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