The Square Deal in Water Works Valuation

Issue 2 and Volume 74.

The Square Deal in Water Works Valuation Equitable Method of Valuation of a Privately Owned Water Company—Consumers Will Pay a Fair Rate on a Fair Valuation THE question of proper valuation of a water company and the most equitable way of going about it so that all concerned will receive a square deal, is not always an easy one to answer. Mr. Lambert’s ideas will be found of value in this connection. Of all the valuations which this firm has made, about seventy-five per cent, have been made for the city and twenty-five per cent, for the company. In a few cases, we have represented both sides jointly. On account of having represented the cities in so many cases, I believe that some idea of a valuation and its relation to the municipality will be of interest. Almost invariably, a valuation has a relation to the municipality. I presume that…

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