Tickets, Please

Issue 2 and Volume 74.

Tickets, Please EVER travel without a ticket? Left it in another suit, forgot it, or lost it? We have, too; and we imagine that a manufacturer must have just about the same foolish feeling when he hears that a prospective customer has been looking for his advertising and has been unable to find it. Here, for instance, is a letter just received by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING typical of inquiries we frequently get from readers: “Gentlemen:— “Will you be so kind as to send us the addresses of a number of large fire siren manufacturers? “We need a large siren at our fire station. We are using gas now to blow the Wild Cat, but it is not successful. “I looked for advertisements in your journal, but could find none except the Erick. I have heard of a Federal Siren Co. and a Denver siren, but don’t know their addresses.”…

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