Drastic Water Waste Ordinance by Raleigh

Issue 4 and Volume 74.

Drastic Water Waste Ordinance by Raleigh The city commissioners of Raleigh, N. C., have passed an ordinance designed to control water waste by consumers. It forbids the use of water for sprinkling of lawns and washing of automobiles and affixes a penalty of $200 for violation of the ordinance. The penalty is absolute, with no discretion in the hands of the judge in the event of conviction. The ordinance, which will also have the effect of closing the swimming pool at the Y. M. C. A., went into effect at its ratification. All other swimming pools in and around Raleigh have already been securing water from their own supplies. The waterline at Lake Raleigh is now about 30 inches below normal, and more relief than that afforded by occasional thundershowers, even of the severity of the one yesterday, must be had before there will be any real relief from the…

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