Hazards of Chemicals in Fire-Fighting

Issue 4 and Volume 74.

Hazards of Chemicals in Fire-Fighting Fire Fighter Must Know What Chemicals Are Inflammable—List of Manufacturers of Chemical Fire Hazards and Explosives Suggested PROFESSOR Withrow has a style of his own that, while it is breezy and interesting, manages to combine much that is practical and instructive with his lighter vein. While dipping into ancient history, in the following paper, he has included some very useful hints therein that are well worthy of study. The idea of fire must have been familiar to the human race for a long time. Let us get down to an elementary consideration of what it must have meant. You will remember that very early in the Bible, Moses made the statement, “The Lord, through God, is consuming fire.” It is quite evident that he was appealing to the common knowledge of those to whom he was speaking. He knew what fire was and he knew…

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