Garage Blaze Shows Importance of Fire Resistant Construction

Issue 4 and Volume 74.

Garage Blaze Shows Importance of Fire Resistant Construction Hampton Beach, on Experiencing Its Second Large Fire, is Better Prepared to Resist Destruction—Outside Cities Help—Week’s Burnings FOR the second time since 1921 and in the anniversary of the great fire which nearly destroyed the resort at Hampton Beach, Mass., on the morning of June 24 was again visited by a destructive fire, which caused a loss of over $80,000. One of the elements which assisted in saving Hampton Beach from destruction by this second visitation was the fact that after the first conflagration the buildings in the fire districts were reconstructed very largely of fireproof materials and in many cases the frame constructions were covered with fireproof paint. Another factor was the absence of wind, which assisted the firemen in controlling the blaze. The fire started it is thought, from a short circuit in an automobile, which was run into the…

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