Last New York Volunteer Company Disbanded

Issue 4 and Volume 74.

Last New York Volunteer Company Disbanded The Defender Hose Company which was the only remaining volunteer fire organization in New York City was disbanded at 9 o’clock on July 18, orders having been issued for the disbandment by Chief John Kenlon by direction of Fire Commissioner Thomas J. Drennan. The Defender Hose Company was organized June 11, 1895, the day of which the village of East Chester was annexed to the city. Up to that time the old township of East Chester embraced Mt. Vernon and extended as far as Tuckahoe. The first vehicle used by the Defenders was a two-wheeled hose cart drawn by the firemen. About 1905 this was replaced by a fourwheeled cart, still dependent upon man power. Eventually they saved enough money to buy a horse, and shafts were attached to the old cart. This lasted up to 1917, when sufficient funds were raised to buy…

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