Issue 8 and Volume 74.

CONVENTION DATES Aug. 21-22—NEW YORK STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION Fifty-first annual convention. Hudson-on-Hudson-River. N. Y., where Firemen’s Home is located. Secretary, Thomas Honohan, Frankfort, N. Y. Aug. 22-24—VIRGINIA STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION Thirty-seventh annual convention and tournament. Fredericksburg, Va. Secretary, E. K. Landis, Pulaski. Va. Aug. 30 Sept. 1—UNION OF CANADIAN MUNICIPALITIES Annual convention. Shawinigan Falls. Que. SecretaryTreasurer. A. D. Shibley. 10 St. John Street, Montreal. Que. September—WASHINGTON STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION Annual convention, Yakima. Wash. Secretary, F. L. Gott. Blaine. Wash. September—CUMBERLAND VALLEY FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual convention and tournament, Hagerstown, Md. Sept 10-11—NEW YORK STATE PERMANENT FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual convention. Auburn. N. S’. Secretary, Frank A. Emden. 1200 Lenox Avenue. Utica, N. V. Sept. 10-14—LEAGUE OF CALIFORNIA MUNICIPALITIES. Annual convention. Coronado, Calif. Executive Secretary, William J. Locke. Pacific Building, San Francisco, Calif. Sept. 11-13—MASSACHUSETTS STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual convention. Lawrence. Mass. Secretary. Daniel J. Looney. 445 Old South Building, Boston. Mass. Sept.…

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