Effective Inspection Work by the Uniformed Force

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

Effective Inspection Work by the Uniformed Force Its Relation to Efficiency Both in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting —Knowledge of Building Layout—Moral Effect of a Uniform THE following paper is replete with words of wisdom on the important subject of inspections by the uniformed force of the fire department. While written from the Canadian standpoint, it will apply equally as well to every fire department from Maine to California: The days of the old time fire fighter are over; in those days a good chief was a man who could cause a large quantity of water to be delivered on a fire, in an indiscriminating manner, and thus drown the fire out, and, in fact he was a regular, swash-buckler; but, in the latter day chief we find that he has to be a gentleman of many and varied capabilities, an engineer in every sense of the word. He has…

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