Lead Wool Used for Packing

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

Lead Wool Used for Packing Where piston or valve rods have become scored and there is considerable trouble in obtaining a tight joint at the packing box, due to inferior packing and defective rods, a great improvement is secured by using the following method, suggested by a correspondent in an exchange: Carefully twist some shredded lead into a thin roll of diameter equal to that of the regular packing and place a turn or two of it in the packing box, then add a turn or two of the regular packing on top of the lead, alternating until the box is filled. The gland nuts are then turned up tight to compress the lead and then slackened back. Often this scheme will give a satisfactory job with poor packing. If thintea lead is carefully applied it will give as good service and results as the shredded lead, or lead wool…

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