New System for Extinguishing Oil Tank Fires

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

New System for Extinguishing Oil Tank Fires A water distributor shown in Fig. 1, which is particularly useful for the extinguishing, when properly applied, of oil tank fires has been invented by Second Assistant Charles R. Murray, of the San Francisco, Calif., fire department. The apparatus operates on the principle of spreading an unbroken curtain of water over and above the surface of burning oil so that the air containing oxygen, the life support of any fire, is not permitted in any great quantities to pass or filter through this curtain of water to the surface of the fire. This water distributor has been installed in two steel tanks for demonstration purposes by the Federal Fire Engineering Company which has purchased the patent rights and are now manufacturing this equipment. The tanks are located adjacent to Engine 29 of the San Francisco fire department, where many interesting demonstrations have been…

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