Fire Survey of Chicago Planned

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

Fire Survey of Chicago Planned Fire Commissioner John F. Cullerton. of Chicago. Ill., recently completed plans for the survey and inspection of practically every building in the city. He expects to lay the program for this survey before Mayor Dever and it is believed that it will be carried through at an early date. Referring to the matter, Mr. Cullerton said: “At present there is altogether too much guess work as to what might he expected when apparatus responds to an alarm. The signs on a building may designate it as a machine shop, but the firemen don’t know for a certainty whether several hundred gallons of highly combustible or explosive material is stored there. “This situation is one of the causes for loss of life and injury to firemen as well as great property damage. Knowing in advance, as the result of a survey, that explosives are stored, the…

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