Keeping Down the Operating Cost of Standby Pumping Units

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

Keeping Down the Operating Cost of Standby Pumping Units How to Choose the Best and Most Serviceable Pump for This Type of Service—Pump Speed Characteristics—Comparative Operating Costs THE installation of standby pumping units in water works systems for fire protection, for emergency and for extra demands on the system has become a necessity for many water works. The following article will be found of considerable value in giving suggestions toward choosing the type of standby engine most suitable for the particular needs of water works of various sizes: Before the days of hydro-electric energy the water works pumping station was operated by steam power. With the spread of hydro-electric energy throughout Ontario, which was much cheaper for power purposes than steam, nearly all water works systems have converted their plants from steam operation to electrical. With the installation of electric equipment these steam plants were faced with the necessity of…

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