New Stations Planned for Youngstown, Ohio

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

New Stations Planned for Youngstown, Ohio Fire Chief Joseph Wallace, of Youngstown. Ohio, in his annual report for the year 1922 has recommended that the city sell the present location of central fire station and build a new station near Spring park and one on East Eederal Street. This would give the city better fire protection in the business district, as the apparatus now located at Central could be divided to equip the new stations and the money received from the sale of this property should cover the expense of buying lots and putting up new buildings. The chief also recommended that the ranks of the fire department be increased by at least 46 additional men and that fifty new fire alarm boxes he included. According to the report the fire department during 1922 responded to 826 alarms of which 74 were false. The total fire loss during the year…

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