The Standby Pumping Unit

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

The Standby Pumping Unit Many water works men recognize the necessity for the installation of standby pumping units, to take care of emergency work, added pressure needed for fire service, unusual demand on the system, etc. In purchasing such a unit there is bound to come up the question of the best and most serviceable type needed under the particular circumstances of the water works and the particular duty intended. On the proper decision of this matter rests both the efficiency and the economical administration on this branch of the water works system. But the average superintendent may not have had much experience in the work of the various types of pumps and pumping engines, and the decision of so important a matter may prove a rather vexing problem. The article published on page 345 of this week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING written by E. M. Proctor, who…

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