Threatening Fire in Los Angeles

Issue 8 and Volume 74.

Threatening Fire in Los Angeles On July 14 a three-alarm fire threatened to wipe out the entire downtown section of Los Angeles, Cal. The fire was discovered in the rear of the Henry C. Day Company, 1401 South Los Angeles Street, having started, it is thought in some heavy oil. Before the fire department could summons assistance sparks from the rapidly spreading flames ignited the shingle roofs of adjoining rooming houses, driving the occupants to the streets. With the arrival of the reserves of the department in response to the third alarm all the firemen in service devoted their entire efforts to the saving of the rooming houses and dwellings in thevicinity. Gradually beating down the surrounding blazes, the firemen finally managed to confine the flames, except for occasional small fires caused by falling sparks, to the plant of the Day Company, where the fire was finally brought under control.…

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