Grading of Municipalities from a Fire Protection Standpoint

Issue 9 and Volume 74.

Grading of Municipalities from a Fire Protection Standpoint How Canadian Underwriters Allot Deficiency Points—Departures from Standards Laid Down Are Penalized—How Points Are Graded ARATHER significant fact brought out in the following paper is that in grading the points of deficiency for departure from standards laid down by the Fire Underwriters of the Dominion of Canada, fire departments arc penalized 1,500 points and water works 1,700. The paper is interesting as illustrating the viewpoint of the Underwriters on the subject of fire fighting. It will be my endeavour in treating this subject to bring out the relationship between the fire defenses and physical conditions of a city, and the grading or classification of a city for insurance rating purposes. Fire defenses of a city include the following subjects: —Fire Department and Fire Alarm Service; Water Works Department; Police Department; Laws and Enforcement of Laws Governing Building Construction, Electricity, Explosives and Inflammables.…

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