Keeping a Watchful Eye for the Firebug

Issue 13 and Volume 74.

Keeping a Watchful Eye for the Firebug Fire Department Should Be Able to Procure Best Evidence, Being First on Scene—Should Preserve It Carefully—Some Arson Cases THE fire chief has ever to be on the alert to combat the evil of incendiarism, one of the most insidious and dangerous of crimes and one of the hardest to detect and punish. The following paper gives some excellent hints as to the best way to handle this troublesome problem: The crime of arson is rampant not only on the Pacific Coast but in all other states of the Union as well. Most authorities estimate that incendiarism is responsible for approximately 20 per cent, of our annual fire loss. The writer believes this figure to be by far too low. Despite all efforts of conscientious public officials, the strenuous activities of state and city fire marshals and the detection and prosecution of numerous incendiaries,…

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