Bridge Fire Shows Danger of Wooden Flooring

Issue 13 and Volume 74.

Bridge Fire Shows Danger of Wooden Flooring Steel Structure Spanning Connecticut River Destroyed—Chief Daggett Describes Springfield’s Part in Fighting Fire—Burnings of the Week PLANKS covered with a thick coating of tar and creosoted wooden blocks on top of these took fire toll of the North End steel bridge across the Connecticut River, between Springfield and West Springfield, Mass., on the eighth of September. The fire, the cause of which is unknown, was first discovered under the third span from the West Springfield side at about 1:30 p. m. The first to receive the alarm was the West Springfield fire department, but before any of the apparatus had arrived the blaze had swept up through the planks and was eating its way toward the east. The West Springfield department at once got their lines on the fire, but the wind, blowing diagonally toward the Springfield side, forced the flames in that…

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