Mobile Has Pure Water Supply

Issue 13 and Volume 74.

Mobile Has Pure Water Supply The present water works system of Mobile, Ala., consists of three separate units, the water being drawn from two streams, the Three-Mile Creek and Eight-Mile or Clear Creek, both of which, it is claimed, are free from pollution. The Eight-Mile Creek is eleven miles from the city. The water is then pumped into the reservoirs, which are situated at an elevation of 210 feet above the city, which produce a pressure of 90 pounds. Two of the pumping stations, the Bienville and Spring Hill plants, are kept constantly in use and have a daily capacity each of more than 10,000,000 gallons. The Stein plant, which was built about 1842, has a capacity of 4,000,000 gallons and is held in reserve for emergency purposes. E. B. Kay, a government expert, in a recent analysis reported that the water is free from suspended matter and sediment, and…

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