Issue 13 and Volume 74.

NEW JERSEY FIRE CHIEFS DISCUSS SCHOOL HAZARDS Important Measures Given Added Impetus by the New Jersey Fire Chiefs’ Association at the Atlantic City Convention THAT great headway is being made by the New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Association in its efforts to safeguard the schools of the state against fire, and also in bringing about the general standardization of hose couplings, was reported at the annual meeting at Atlantic City, September 21. Close to 125 chiefs and other members attended the gathering, which was held in conjunction with the convention of the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association. President Charles W. Greenfield reviewed the work of the association and further outlined the constructive program that has been launched to make New Jersey a model state in matters of fire protection. The report of Treasurer Mitchell showed receipts of $1,139.66 during the year, with expenses of $794.79, leaving a balance of $344.87.…

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