New Apparatus and Station for Monroe, Conn.

Issue 14 and Volume 74.

New Apparatus and Station for Monroe, Conn. At a meeting of the directors of the Monroe, Conn., Fire Department, No. 1, held September 19, it was voted to purchase new apparatus. The committee on the project, which consists of Chief Wakelee, W. D. Stanley and Treasurer H. P. Lord have recommended a Reo Chassis and Providence Combination Ladder equipment. The new apparatus will afford the last word in fire protection to Monroe and vicinity. The apparatus will carry two roof ladders and two hand extension ladders, the longest being 30 feet. Axes crowbars, plaster hooks and other miscellaneous small fire fighting appliances will be provided. The truck will be electrically equipped throughout. Plans are also under way for the erection of a suitable fire station to house the new apparatus, which is expected to be delivered about November 1. The matter of a suitable alarm system is also being considered…

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