Just Open the Door

Issue 14 and Volume 74.

Just Open the Door IT’S easy to do almost anything you undertake if you just get started in the right direction. The first move is often the hardest: after that everything seems easy and you wonder why you didn’t get started before. Some of you fire chiefs and water works superintendents who are not yet regular subscribers to FIRE AND WATER Engineering—why don’t you just make up your minds that it will pay you to invest cents a week (that’s all it costs) to get the worth-while, practical information that each issue of this little magazine can give you? You’ll never regret it—so send along your order and we’ll start it at once. And you manufacturers who have almost decided to do some advertising, but have been putting it off from month to month—won’t you give us an opportunity to show how effectively FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING can put you…

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