What Is a Fair Salary for the Fire-Fighter?

Issue 16 and Volume 74.

What Is a Fair Salary for the Fire-Fighter? Compensation Generally Not Commensurate with Duties and Responsibilities—Chiefs and Men in Many Cities Greatly Underpaid List of Salaries Compiled by “Fire and Water Engineering” SAFEGUARDING a city against fire is unquestionably one of the greatest responsibilities that can be placed upon the shoulders of any group of men. Lives and property are at stake, the welfare of the community at large is constantly endangered. We have occasion to see more or less frequently the terrible havoc wrought by the death-dealing conflagration, thriving cities and towns that have taken scores of years to build up wiped out of existence in a matter of hours. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are invested in fire-fighting apparatus and adequate water supply facilities. The best of everything is none too good. But after all is said and done, it remains that the all-important factor is an efficient…

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