The Automobile Menace

Issue 16 and Volume 74.

The Automobile Menace The racing of automobiles to fires has become one of the worst menaces to firemen and apparatus that exists. It is a trait of human nature to love the excitement of a fire and the automobile, with its quick rate of transportation, provides a great temptation to reach a fire quickly that few motorists can resist. The consequence is that on an alarm being sounded—where the alarm is audible—or upon the approach of the fire apparatus, the natural tendency is to turn the car and race in the direction indicated. That this action may interfere with the fire apparatus does not enter the minds of the average motorist—the thing is to get to the fire. If the added excitement of racing with the fire apparatus can be included in the fun why so much to the merry. If anyone gets hurt, that is the gambler’s chance! There…

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